Polychaete textbook?

Jack Pearce buzbay at cape.com
Sun Sep 5 17:07:58 EST 1999

Dear All,

I suggest that the annelid fan(s) consult:

            Florkin, M. and B. Scheer. l969. Chemical Zoo-
            logy. Vol. IV. Annelida, Echiura, and Sipuncu-
            la. Academic Press.548pp. This comprehensive
            volume has literally tons of info by the likes of
            Prof. R.B.Clark, Rod Dales, et al.

            Hartman, O. l95l. Literature of the Polychaetous
            Annelids. Vol. I. Bibliography. Allan Hancock
            Foundation, USC. Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann
            Arbor, Michigan. 290 pp. A comprehensive
            compilation not likely to be seen again.

            Reish, D. and P. Qian. l997. Fifth International
            Polychaete Conference, Qingdao, PRC. Again
            a recent compilation covering ecology, morpho
            logy, etc. With the foregoing, a real textbook.

            Ushakov, P.V. l974. Fauna of the USSR. Poly-
            chaetes. (in English). Israel Program for Scien-
            tific Translations. Jerusalem. Another good
            compilation of general and taxonomic info.

            Banse, K. and K. Hobson. l974. Benthic Erran-
            tiate Polychaetes. Bulletin of the Fisheries Re-
            search Board of Canada. Bulletin l85. A good
            introduction and loads of fairly recent refs as
            well as keys and descriptions (plus a summary
            in French).

The above would constitute a great text along with the
Dales and Mills volumes referenced by Read above.
My library also has volumes (taxonomic with fair amts
of biology) on the Medit., middle east, and far east poly
chaetes; I can only imagine what sits on the shelves at

Cheers, Jack B. Pearce
             Buzzards Bay Lab
             54 Upland Rd.
             Falmouth MA, USA  02540
             l-508-540-4572 (voice), 457-0105 (fax)
             buzbay at cape.com

Geoff Read wrote:

> Matthew R. Lee wrote:
> >     I have a simple question (famous last words) I'm looking for a
> > polychaete textbook, covering the biology/ecology of polychaetes.  I'm
> > looking for general information on life cycles, reproductive modes,
> > growth, physiology (with respect to environmental variables (salinity
> > temp. etc.)), you get the picture.  Any recommendations?

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