The fate of the early adopters

Kristian Fauchald Fauchald.Kristian at
Tue Sep 7 16:52:55 EST 1999

Just a mild reminder:  The current Code does not do anything about names 
above the family-level and poor old Echiuridae has been used as a family, in 
a rather more restricted sense of course, among the  cognoscenti.  Thus, 
picking up an old family name and emending it, which is something we 
routinely have been doing for years, is not on nomenclatoral grounds 
unusual.  It is however, somewhat unusual to see a changed usage start in a 
paper on larval feeding bands.  It should lead to studies of the relationships 
between the annelids as currently recognized and their relatives; hopefully 
with new information added, and that would be very good indeed.  The 
position of the echiurans in relation to the polychaetes is not at all easy to 
resolve on morphological grounds.   

Kristian Fauchald

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