Hydrobiologia 402: Reproductive Strategies ... in Annelids

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Fri Jan 7 00:57:58 EST 2000

As a follow up to the announcement by joint editor Adriaan Dorresteijn of 
the reprint book version I am going to circulate the abstracts for the papers 
first published late in 1999 in the  Hydrobiologia volume 402  special issue, 
"Reproductive Strategies and Developmental Patterns in Annelids."  This 
will be  in a long separate message. For list member's convenience these 
will be full citations in a form  suited for import by bibliography programs 
(REFER format). But first below are the basic citations in more readable 
form, and a reminder of the publisher Kluwer contact urls.  

The Hydrobiologia TOC url at Kluwer is: 

Again the book version (priced at USD 169) url is:

Bartolomaeus, Thomas. 1999. Structure, function and development of segmental 
organs in Annelida. -- Hydrobiologia, 402:21-37.

Blake, James A., & Pamela L. Arnofsky. 1999. Reproduction and larval 
development of the spioniform Polychaeta with application to systematics and 
phylogeny. -- Hydrobiologia, 402:57-106.

Dohle, Wolfgang. 1999. The ancestral cleavage pattern of the clitellates and its 
phylogenetic deviations. -- Hydrobiologia, 402:267-283.

Ferraguti, Marco, & Christer Erséus. 1999. Sperm types and their use for a 
phylogenetic analysis of aquatic clitellates. -- Hydrobiologia, 402:225-237.

Fischer, Albrecht. 1999. Reproductive and developmental phenomena in 
annelids: a source of exemplary research problems. -- Hydrobiologia, 402:1-20.

Franke, Hans-Dieter. 1999. Reproduction of the Syllidae (Annelida: 
Polychaeta). -- Hydrobiologia, 402:39-55.

Hardege, Jörg D. 1999. Nereidid polychaetes as model organisms for marine 
chemical ecology. -- Hydrobiologia, 402:145-161.

Henry, Jonathan J. , & Mark Q. Martindale. 1999. Conservation and innovation in 
spiralian development. -- Hydrobiologia, 402:255-265.

Hoeger, Ulrich, Nicole  Rebscher, & Gunter Geier. 1999. Metabolite supply in 
oocytes of Nereis virens: role of nucleosides. -- Hydrobiologia, 402:163-174.

Olive, Peter J. W. 1999. Polychaete aquaculture and polychaete science: a 
mutual synergism. -- Hydrobiologia, 402:175-183.

Petersen, Mary E. 1999. Reproduction and development in Cirratulidae 
(Annelida: Polychaeta). -- Hydrobiologia, 402:107-128.

Qian, Pei-Yuan. 1999. Larval settlement of polychaetes. -- Hydrobiologia, 

Rouse, Greg W. 1999. Polychaete sperm: phylogenetic and functional 
considerations. -- Hydrobiologia, 402:215-224.

Sato, Masanori. 1999. Divergence of reproductive and developmental 
characteristics in Hediste (Polychaeta: Nereididae). -- Hydrobiologia, 402:129-

Sella, Gabriella, & Liliana Ramella. 1999. Sexual conflict and mating systems in 
the dorvilleid genus Ophryotrocha and the dinophilid genus Dinophilus. -- 
Hydrobiologia, 402:203-213.

Southward, Eve C. 1999. Development of Perviata and Vestimentifera 
(Pogonophora). -- Hydrobiologia, 402:185-202.

Weisblat, David A. 1999. Cellular origins of bilateral symmetry in glossiphoniid 
leech embryos. -- Hydrobiologia, 402:285-290.

Westheide, Wilfried, Damhnait McHugh, Günter Purschke, & Greg Rouse. 
1999. Systematization of the Annelida: different approaches. -- Hydrobiologia, 

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