Syllid? Your Advice Please

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Wed Jan 26 22:24:17 EST 2000

Aloha All,

We have been struggling with a specimen and your advice would be 
greatly appreciated on the following clues for a sand-dwelling polychaete in 

    -Parapodia are uniramous

    -Two types of setae present (and only one per fascicle): a straight,
tridentate seta with two small teeth that form a crest over the larger
tooth, and a straight, smooth acicular seta.

    -Parapodia with a short, swollen dorsal cirrus.

    -Head rounded and not longer than wide

    -Pharynx muscular, without "pineapple" markings of the typical syllid

If it is a syllid, Fauchald's Pink book key gets us to Augener's 
_Haplosyllides_ reported from the West Indies because it appears to lack 
palps. Once again, any assistance in this matter would be helpful.  

Thank you,

Dr. Julie Brock and The Wormlab
University of Hawaii
<wormlab at zoology.zoo.Hawaii.EDU>

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