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Torleif Holthe Torleif.Holthe at vm.ntnu.no
Fri Jun 2 17:45:04 EST 2000

With apologies to those of my friends and colleagues who have 
contributed much more to the research on the Terebellida than I have, 
the Polychaeta Terebellida homepage is opened under my own (and very 
new ) homepage at:  


The contents are so far mainly an up-dated version of my 1986 catalogue 
and bibliography. Due to the of the number of operative systems and 
word-processing programs these files have been exposed to during the 
last 17 years, there are still corrections needed (as e.g. restoring lost 
italics). I am correcting subfamily by subfamily, but there are still some 
large ones left. I hope to add some figures as soon as we get a new 

Any Terebellida news and comments are welcome!



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