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Sun Jun 4 18:04:51 EST 2000

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Subject:        	Revision der Gattung Typosyllis

Dear Geoff,

As I do not participate at the Annelida discussion group, I may ask you 
by this way to let the world know that a revision of the genus Typosyllis is 
available now. It has the title: 

Frank Licher (2000): Revision der Gattung Typosyllis Langerhans, 1879 
(Polychaeta: Syllidae). Morphologie, Taxonomie und Phylogenie.  

Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft, 
551: 1-336. Verlag Waldemar Kramer, Frankfurt am Main. ISSN 0341-
4116 / ISBN 3-7829-2557-2.  

I do not have any more copies.

With many thanks.


Dr. Frank Licher              Fon: 05308-961520
Windmühlenweg 24              Fax: 05308-961533
38165 Lehre              e-mail:   Frank.Licher at gmx.de

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