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Dear colleagues,

In March 1998 Joao Gil started a short discussion in this list on the identity 
of Magelona mirabilis (Johnston, 1865). Frank Licher, Andy Mackie and I 
have combined our data and observations and finally succeeded to 
published a paper on the European species of the genus Magelona. 
Included is a redescription of M. mirabilis and the description of a new 
species M. johnstoni - both have previously been confused often referring 
to them collectively under the name M. papillicornis.  

Fiege, D., Licher, F., Mackie, A.S.Y.: A partial review of the 
European Magelonidae (Annelida: Polychaeta): Magelona mirabilis 
redefined and M. johnstoni n. sp. distinguished. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. 
U. K. 80(2): 215-234.

We have a number of reprints left, but unfortunately the 
quality of the SEM-plates is very poor due to a mystery that 
happened in the printing process. A copy of the article can also be 
downloaded or printed from a pdf-file on the homepage of my section 
( Printed with a 
600dpi laser printer, the quality of the plates is at least a little 
better than in the journal and reprints.


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