F. E. Allen & Ficopomatus

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Tue Jun 20 18:41:14 EST 2000

Thanks Harry,

H. ten Hove:
> By the way 2, ten Hove & Weerdenburg mention only 4 species of
> Ficopomatus, so your The fifth is F. enigmaticus, is slightly misleading. 

In the context  I had in mind five monotypic genera, five type species, the 
4th being Mercierellopsis prietoi Rioja, 1945, synonymous with 
Ficopomatus  miamiensis. This was rather pedantic/obscure of me.      

> Allen (1953) mentions that F. enigmaticus already was widely spread
> through Australia in the early thirties, and is the first to hypothesize
> an  Australian origin. 

With the hindsight footnote that a good deal of that widespreadedness  was 
Indo-Pacific F. uschakovi in the northern parts.   Also, let us remember that 
the "Australian origin" comment was only as a possible source of the 
population that turned up in Fauvel's study area.  I interpret Allen as 
suggesting that Australia was a mere staging-post and that the true origin of 
the species was unknown. The absolute alarm-bell sentence in Allen is "In 
many of the [southern Australian] localities where it is now abundant it was 
previously unknown."  It is a great pity that Allen did not document this in 
any more detail.     

Allen, F. E. 1953. Distribution of marine invertebrates by ships. -- Australian 
Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 4:307-316.


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