Incorrect Hediste diversicolor names

Geoff Read at
Thu Jun 22 21:07:41 EST 2000

Dear Annelida,

If anyone knows these authors please refer them to my remedial taxonomy 
tutorial at:

Bocquet-Muchembled, B., R. Leroux, & F. Fontaine. 1999. Gene expression 
(Ets) in the Polychaete Annelid Hediste (Nereis) diversicolor. -- Bulletin de La 
Societe Zoologique de France 124:389-396.

Sommer, S., A. Jahn, F. Funke, & N. Brenke. 2000. In vivo measurements 
of the internal pH of Hediste (Nereis) diversicolor (Annelida, Polychaeta) 
exposed to ambient sulphidic conditions using pH microelectrodes [short 
communication]. --  Naturwissenschaften 87:283-287.  


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