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Dear Polychaete Colleagues:

This announcement was forwarded to me from a friend at NOAA in Washington, 
D.C., where Nancy Foster worked for several years.  Many of us knew her in 
the early stages of her career, when she worked on spionid polychaetes.  She 
went on to an influential position in U.S. government environmental agencies, 
where her concern for the conservation of the marine environment was a 
hallmark of her career.

Nancy Maciolek
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Subject: Nancy Foster
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Date:    6/28/2000  8:45 AM

Our dear friend, colleague and leader in NOAA Dr. Nancy Foster passed 
away yesterday after a year long battle with cancer.  Nancy was the 
Director of NOS, former Deputy Director of NMFS, a great conservationist 
and a truly fine person.  I have not yet heard of any arrangements for her 
funeral or memorial service but will let you all know as I learn more.  

Andy Rosenberg

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