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Dear Colleagues:

An additional announcement from NOAA regarding the recent passing of Dr. 
Nancy Foster.

Nancy Maciolek


Subject: Dr. Nancy Foster
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Date:    6/28/2000  1:49 PM

It is with deepest regret that I have to inform you that Dr. Nancy Foster, 
Assistant Administrator for Ocean Services and Coastal Zone Management 
died peacefully in her sleep on Tuesday, June 27.  Nancy was one of 
NOAA's shining stars, intensely committed to protecting the environment 
and instilling strong conservation and government service values in her 
employees.  Nancy was a pioneer for coastal stewardship and protection of 
marine species, promoting programs to explore, map, protect and develop 
sustainably our Nation's coastal and fishery resources.  Her outstanding 
leadership as Assistant Administrator for Ocean Services and Coastal Zone 
Management and Deputy Assistant Administrator for Fisheries has been 
recognized through numerous important awards, including three 
Department of Commerce Bronze Medals, a Gold Medal (the Department's 
highest award), and a Presidential Rank Award honoring her for her overall 
outstanding marine conservation leadership for the Nation.  

Many of us who were privileged to work with Nancy will remember her best 
for her strong commitment to encouraging each individual's contribution 
and to mentoring young employees.  Many NOAA employees can trace 
their careers and commitment to environmental service to Dr. Foster's 
enthusiasm and guidance.  

We all feel her loss deeply, losing a friend and a coastal advocate.  I know 
you all join me in sending our support and sympathy to Nancy's family at 
this time.  Her family, friends, and colleagues are planning a memorial and 
I have asked that NOAA's flag fly at half-mast at that time in recognition of 
Dr. Foster's contributions to NOAA and to the Nation. The family has asked 
that, in lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Dr. Nancy Foster may be 
sent to Mercy Medical Center, c/o The Development Office, 301 Saint Paul 
Place, Baltimore, MD 21202. 

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