Tom Parker tparker at lacsd.org
Thu Jun 29 17:02:51 EST 2000


Sam James wrote:
> My 2 cents/pence/pfennig worth:
> First, few of the phylocode options discussed in a recent paper on the
> subject - there were 13 of them - are really uninomials.  They are more like
> a binomial in many respects than a uninomial.   I say this because there
> seems to be some gut reaction to the "uni".  Maybe we would be better off
> calling the new schemes "phylonomials" or something like that.

Why not just shorten it up to "nomials"?

> The question of what to do with "sp." when a species has not been
> determined is simple.  One places it in the next most inclusive clade/group.

If clade/groups are "nested" relationships won't many people visualize
the nesting to be some sort of rank?

bye for now

Tom Parker
<tparker at lacsd.org>

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