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Orrhage, L. 2001. On the anatomy of the central nervous system and the 
morphological value of the anterior end appendages of Ampharetidae, 
Pectinariidae and Terebellidae (Polychaeta). -  Acta Zoologica 82(1):57-71.

It might interest scorers of family character states that: " ... the ampharetids, 
the pectinariids and the terebellids bear no antennae and no palps 
and that their buccal tentacles belong to the alimentary canal."

Full abstract at:

Also of note: 

Borchiellini, C., M. Manuel, E. Alivon, N. Boury-Esnault, J. Vacelet, & Y. Le 
Parco. 2001. Sponge paraphyly and the origin of Metazoa. — Journal of 
Evolutionary Biology 14(1):171-179.

"...sponges are paraphyletic, the Calcarea being more related to 
monophyletic Eumetazoa than to the siliceous sponges (Demospongiae, 
Hexactinellida). These results have important implications for our 
understanding of metazoan origins, because they suggest that the common 
ancestor of Metazoa was a sponge."

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