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Dear Annelidans,

We seem to be getting somewhere with annelid phylogeny as in addition to 
the McHugh paper that Geoff mentions, I also published, in my monograph, 
nuclear 28SrDNA and mtDNA (12S and 16S) evidence of sister-group 
relationship of branchiobdellids and leeches and their inclusion in the 
Oligochaeta as the sister group of the Lumbriculidae (as Michaelsen told us 
long ago!), thus suggesting that oligochaetes are paraphyletic. (There is 
just a possibility that the leech-branchiobdellid clade is due to long branch 
attraction). This was published in my CD Monograph 'Native earthworms of 
Australia (Megascolecidae, Megascolecinae)' based on work in 
collaboration with  several other workers (including Sam James). Andrew 
Hugall and I have just been putting final touches to the paper and it will be a 
pleasure to cite the Damhnait McHugh work.  
Please see my website, below, or, for information on the
oligochaete monograph.


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