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Anneliders - this may be of interest to some of you.

A new Centre of Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology (CMBB) has 
been set up at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.  Its purpose is to 
establish a unit for molecular genetic analysis of marine organisms that 
could be applied to taxonomic problems, monitoring marine pollution and 
biotechnical exploitation of naturally occurring substances.  

Recently advances in molecular genetics has opened new avenues of 
approach to traditional taxonomic studies based on anatomy and 
morphology and it is clear that the power of molecular genetic techniques 
is being increasingly appreciated by zoologists and botanist working with 
marine flora and fauna.  

The CMBB is offering a 3-day course aimed at people who are engaged 
in taxonomic work but who are not familiar with these techniques. 
Participants need not have previous knowledge of the subject as the 
course will provide both a basic theoretical grounding together with 
instruction in practical techniques. The course will run from Monday 19th 
to Wednesday 21st March, with Registration and a Reception on Sunday 
18th.  The costs are:- tuition and bench fees - £200, Accomodation and 
meals (3 nights) £120, additional nights (B & B only) £36/night.  The 
course is aimed at anyone who needs to extend their taxonomic 
capability beyond traditional morphological and anatomical approaches. 
These may include taxonomists working in museums, water authorities, 
Government Laboratories, consultancies and analytical laboratories, 
research Institutes or Universities.   

The closing date for registration is 16th February.  If anyone is interested 
in attending this course and would like further information and a 
registration form, please e-mail me at the address below, or contact Dr. 
P. F. Kingston at P.F.Kingston at  

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