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I am forwarding Elin's advisory. For the benefit of those who may have 
recently joined the Annelida list  a "7ipc"  is the seventh International 
Polychaete Conference in Iceland in July 2001.  Everyone, if you received 
the message direct from Elin - as she advises please try NOT to send 
accidental reply e-mail to the burstar address - that is do check your CC 
header fields carefully. GBR.         

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From:           	"Elin Sigvaldadottir" <elins at ni.is>
To:             	<burstar at ni.is>
Subject:        	7ipci
Date sent:      	Thu, 25 Jan 2001 16:31:50 -0000

Dear friends and colleagues

Please note that after Thursday, 1 February, the registration fee of the 
conference will increase, from ISK 22.800 to ISK 27.400 for participants, 
and from ISK 11.500 to ISK 15.300 for accompanying persons. The price 
for accompanying children (age 2-12) is 5.750 irrespective of registration 
date (reception, conference banquet and mid-conference tour included).  

Please note also that price of the post conference tours will increase after 
January. The 3 day tour will be raised from 30.500 ISK to 37.500 ISK and 
the 7 day tour will rise from 84.000 ISK to 88.300 ISK.  

The organising committee of the Polychaetes conference would like to 
invite people to introduce, in a special plenary session, books, software, 
databases, and other information about Polychaetes they have been 
working on since the last conference.  

Authors who are interested in selling their products during the conference 
are welcome to include leaflet in the “conference-bag”. Booth facilities can 
also be arranged. For further details and deadlines, please contact 
elins at ni.is as soon as possible.  

Please note the change in Elín Sigvaldadóttir phone and FAX numbers:

Phone  +354 590 0500
FAX    +354 590 0595

NOTE: Please do not reply to burstar at ni.is unless you have something to say to
all of us.

Remember to visit regularly the conference homepage (http://www.ni.is/7IPCI/)
for latest updates on the conference.

Best regards

Elín Sigvaldadóttir
Icelandic Institute of Natural History
PO Box 5320
125 Reykjavík, Iceland
Phone: +354 590 0500
FAX: +354 590 0595
E-mail: elins at ni.is <mailto:elins at ni.is>

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