Arenicola for toxicity tests

David Karlen Karlen at
Sun Mar 10 05:11:44 EST 2002

Hi Everyone,

I received an email from a gentleman in Missouri who is looking for live 
specimens of Arenicola to use in toxicity tests. I am forwarding his 
request to the list and hoping that someone may be able to help him - I've 
included his email address below. Thank you.  

-Dave Karlen

Original message:

Mr. Karlen,

My name is Scott Ward.  I am the Director of the Chemical Development
Group for ABC Laboratories, Inc. in Columbia, Missouri.  I am trying to
find a potential source of Arenicola for some toxicity testing we may be
doing and Tom Perkins suggested I contact you.   If you can assist me in
this area, please let me know.  If you cannot help, but know of someone
who can, please provide me with the contact information. If you can
help, questions I have are:

1. What species of Arenicola can you provide?
2. Can you provide juveniles and/or what size range could you provide?
3. Are there any timing limitations on when I could obtain them?
4. Ballpark costs for at least 300 worms?
5. Based upon the size of worms you could provide, what is the minimum
sediment depth you would recommend for use?

Thanks for your assistance in this matter.


Scott Ward
Scott Ward <wards at>

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