Sampling in mangrove mud

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Tue Mar 12 23:46:01 EST 2002

Greetings wormsters,

Has anyone used, or seen reported, the muddy-sediment sampling 
technique called 'anoxic mat' or 'carpet-of-death'? It is being used by a 
group of students at the university to sample invertebrates in the very 
diverse mangrove areas around Darwin. Basically the method involves 
placing a sheet of heavy plastic (cut to a standard size) over the sediment 
surface for about 24 hours, thus rendering underlying sediments 
anaerobic. Animals are drawn to the surface under the plastic and can be 
easily collected. The method seems to be particularly good for collecting 
polychaetes in the muddy intertidal, esp. mangrove areas, where root mats 
and very fine sediment make digging and sieving difficult. I was sure such 
a simple collection method must have been reported before in the 
polychaete literature, but my initial search attempts revealed nothing.  


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