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The following note turned up on Taxacom. Worm texts are not obvious, 
but I only checked a few letters (Otto Fabricius' Fauna Groenlandica ... 
(1780) is NOT there, nor is Linnaeus 1758, although other of his works 
are). The site is open for suggestions. All urls are to freely available texts, 
mostly as dpr (digital photographic reproductions) that can be 
downloaded, although apparently only a page at a time.  

Now we just need a good site for instant translation of Latin texts. Has
anyone found one?


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A colleague at the Garden, Randy Evans, has stumbled across this 
website (may be some of you already knew it).  Downloadable at 
http://eee.uci.edu/~papyri/bibliography is practically every significant 
historic text published in Latin since the 14th century.  This includes, for 
example, all things Linnaeus (e.g., Species Plantarum), HBK ( e.g., Nova 
Genera & Species Plantarum), De Candolle (e.g, the entire Prodromus), 
Martius (e.g, the entire Flora Brasiliensis), and such pre-Linnaean name 
sources as Tourneforte's "Institutiones rei herbariae."  

Carmen Ulloa Ulloa

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