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Erséus, C., M. Källersjö, et al. (2002). “8S rDNA Phylogeny of the Tubificidae 
(Clitellata) and Its Constituent Taxa: Dismissal of the Naididae.” Molecular 
Phylogenetics and Evolution 22(3): 414-422.  

ABSTRACT:	The  phylogeny of the Tubificidae, and of most of its  
subfamilies and some of its genera, is  revisited, on the  basis of sequences 
of 18S ribosomal DNA  in  a selection of species. Forty-six new 18S  
sequences  of Naididae (6), Tubificidae (37),  Phreodrilidae (1),  
Lumbriculidae (1), and  Enchytraeidae (1) are reported  and  aligned together 
with corresponding sequences  of  21 previously studied taxa. The 18S gene 
of Insulodrilus  bifidus  provides the first molecular evidence  that phreodrilids 
are closely related to  tubificids,  corroborating previous conclusions based  
on morphology. The  data further support  the monophyletic status of  
Tubificidae, provided  that the "Naididae" is regarded a  part  of this family; 
"naidids" may not even constitute  a  monophyletic group. It is thus 
suggested  that the  family name Naididae is  formally suppressed as a junior 
 synonym of  the Tubificidae. The 18S gene also  resolves a  number of 
relationships within the  tubificids.  Among the subfamilies, Tubificinae is 
supported,  Rhyacodrilinae and Phallodrilinae are  revealed as  
nonmonophyletic, and Limnodriloidinae remains unresolved. Most  tubificid  
genera tested for monophyly are  corroborated by the  data, only one 
(Tubifex) is refuted,  and  two (Tubificoides and Limnodriloides) are  
unresolved  from other taxa. It is concluded that  it will be  valuable to expand 
the  taxonomic sampling for 18S rDNA in  clitellates, and  in annelids in 
general, as this is likely to  improve the resolution at many levels.  However, it 
 will be equally important to combine  the  annelid 18S data with other gene 
sequences and nonmolecular  characters, to estimate the  phylogeny of 
these  common and diverse worms  with greater precision.  

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