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Sun Jan 19 16:38:09 EST 2003

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Dear polychaete lovers,

The reason to send  this message is that I have made some changes in 
my web page. Instead of a short list of species with links to the respective 
figures that was linked in the "field trips" section in our dear web page (a 
file named "species.html" still exist, but it corresponds now to the list of 
species reported in one of my first papers, Martin 1987, which was 
written in Spanish), I have included figures of nearly all species I 
described as links in the corresponding papers listed in my personal web 

All those papers are available in different ways (photocopies, reprints or 
PDFs) but, of course, this is not new. In addition, (yes, this is new) I 
managed to get the PDF of our most recent paper on syllids:  

Martin, D., Núñez, J., Riera, R. and Gil, J. (2002).- On the association 
between  Haplosyllis  (Polychaeta, Syllidae) and gorgonians (Cnidaria, 
Octocorallaria), with the description of a new species. Biol. J. Linnean 
Soc. 77(4): 455-477.  

I have also the permission to post it on my web site for personal or 
professional use (not for commercial use so, please, do not collapse my 
server by sending me your bank accounts). The paper will be accessible 
to all you, at least for some time as a link through my web page (see 
below) or directly at the address:  

There are still some reprints available (not many, but some), for those of 
you who prefer the "traditional" style or who do not like PDFs.  

I wish all you a happy and fruitful New Year.

Dr. Daniel Martin
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