Mediomastus californicus???

Geoff Read at
Thu Jan 30 16:13:35 EST 2003

Mary Petersen:
> I suspect the "californicus" is simply an overlooked typing error. 

Mary has conclusively demonstrated that these authors are out of step with 
the world.  Expanding for future reference - basically an species epithet is, or 
should be, the most stable part of a binominal. The ending NEVER changes 
except in quite rare cases following usage of a different genus of different  
gender (and just maybe in another rare situation concerning personal 
names). So in this case - 'californiensis' has always been in Mediomastus, 
and it's the type of the genus, thus how can it change spelling, except in the 
minds of careless ecologists? And in any case geographic adjectival endings 
like 'iensis' are rock solid.  


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