[Annelida] Streblospio benedicti

Les Watling watling at hawaii.edu
Thu Jan 26 14:40:51 EST 2006

Google images produced only 3 images of this beast. Two were from 
South Carolina and are of preserved animals where all the color is 
gone. The third is from University of Delaware and is a beautiful 
shot of live (?living) worm. The collar is visible as are the brown 
and white striped gills.

don't know about other images of S. benedicti, but you could use the 
U Del photo as the standard.


At 05:51 AM 1/26/2006, Scott Jones wrote:
>Hi all,
>   I was wondering if anyone out there is actively photographing 
> polychaetes under a microscope-- we do it a fair bit in
>our lab when we find something 'new.'
>   I am specifically looking for images of Streblospio benedicti.  I 
> am fairly certain that this species is mis-represented in
>images on the web.
>thanks for any help,
>Scott Jones
>Benthic Ecology Lab
>Smithsonian Marine Station, Fort Pierce, FL
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