[Annelida] nephtyids in etOH

Fredrik Pleijel fredrik.pleijel at tmbl.gu.se
Sun May 14 04:50:47 EST 2006

Just another request: anyone who has members of Dentinephtys,  
Inermonephtys and/or Micronephtys preserved in etOH (i.e. not  
previously fixed in formalin). It's for a collaboration with Ascensao  
Ravara on a combined molecular and morphological phylogeny of  
nephtyids. I can provide other specimens in exchange. /Fredrik
Fredrik Pleijel
Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory
Department of Marine Ecology
Göteborg University
SE-452 96 Strömstad
tel +46 526 686 79
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fax +46 526 686 07
fredrik.pleijel at tmbl.gu.se

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