[Annelida] Pettibonesia, a replacement name for Wilsoniella (Polynoidae)

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I suspect not all abstracting agencies will link this under Polychaeta, 
if they include it at all. Hence I note it here. Apologies to 
non-taxonomists for the slightly esoteric content. Marian Pettibone was 
honoring D. P. Wilson of larval ecology fame.

Pettibonesia Nemésio, nom. nov. for Wilsoniella Pettibone 1993

Nemésio, A. 2006: A replacement name for Wilsoniella Pettibone, 1993 
(Annelida: Polynoidae), junior homonym of Wilsoniella Khalfin, 1939 
(Brachiopoda: Rhynchonellida), and revalidation of Pessoaiella 
Guimarães, 1940 over Wilsoniella Eichler, 1940 (Phthiraptera: 
Ischnocera: Philopteridae) also a junior homonym of Wilsoniella Khalfin, 
1939. Zootaxa 1260: 67–68.

Note that genera Pettiboneia (Dorvilleidae) and Pettibonella 
(Orbiniidae) already exist.

   Geoff Read <g.read At niwa.co.nz>

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