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Hi Lizbeth,

In case you cannot find the reference, this is the protocol that I use. It will make 500 ml of 0.2 M buffer, pH 7.4. Very simple.

Sodium phosphate monobasic (NaH2PO4 * H2O)
Sodium phosphate dibasic (Na2HPO4)

Mix 100 ml 0.1M sodium phosphate monobasic with 400 ml of 0.1M sodium phosphate dibasic. Store at 4º C.

Reference: Clark, G., W. J. Dougherty, and F. H. Kasten. 1981. General Methods, pp 1-103 in Clark, G. (ed.) Staining procedures. Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore.

Good luck!

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Hi Lizbeth,

This was asked some years ago and the reply then from Tom Parker was:

"A recipe for the phosphate buffer is in Humanson's, "Animal Tissue
Techniques" Fourth edition, page 556."

To which I can add (in these more digitalised times)


Sounds like a good read. There's a 1997 5th edition, and prior editions will still be in copyright. I'm sure it's widely available in academic libraries and second hand.

We (niwa) seem to have the 3rd edition. I can check for it if you're really stuck and can't get it elsewhere. 


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> Could you share the recipe for Sorensen's Buffer?
> Thanks,
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