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I don't know about a taxonomic tree (a moving target - do you mean conflicts in genus placement in families or families into higher clades? Such as the 'Pogonophora' groups maybe?), but the best resource on this planet for taxonomists for Polychaeta information is within the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) at www.marinespecies.org.   There is a wealth of detail to explore.

Thank you, thank you, Dr Fauchald sir, and helpers. It is surely saving people countless hours in research time.

ERMS (MarBEF system) gets data from WoRMS, but I'm not sure why one would use it instead of WoRMS directly. A caveat with WoRMS is that there may be conflicting information, and synonymies should not be assumed to be invariably correct (they are not chiselled in tablets of stone by a higher power), though mostly they will be. As always one's own judgment is required to interpret the information, and some further investigation may be necessary.


>>> On 6/05/2009 at 3:53 a.m., Stanislas DUBOIS <Stanislas.Dubois from ifremer.fr>
> Hi Polychaete lovers,
> I'm currently involved in a project identifying polychaetes from the 
> northern Gulf of Mexico.  I would like your oppinion on the best online 
> taxonomic tree as we are finding conflicting and/or differing 
> information in ITIS and the ERMS (basically the european version of ITIS!).
> Thanks in advance.
> Stan & Carey


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