[Annelida] The Nature of Osedax & the Origin of nature

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Wed Nov 18 15:31:49 EST 2009

Hi all,

This week's Nature research highlights points us to BMC where Vrijenhoek,
Johnson, & Rouse present new information on the diversity and evolutionary
age of the Osedax lineage.

Direct links (open access):

Vrijenhoek R, Johnson S, Rouse G 2009. A remarkable diversity of
bone-eating worms (Osedax; Siboglinidae; Annelida). BMC Biology 7: 74.

And, recognising the 150th anniversary later this week of the publication
of the "Origin" on 22 November 1859, Nature has more Darwiniana in a third
special issue.


Geoffrey B. Read, Ph.D.
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
gread from actrix.gen.nz

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