[Annelida] Protodrilidae in the Adriatic Sea

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Mon Sep 6 15:30:48 EST 2010

Hello Barbara,

They are in World Register of Marine Species registered as in the region
via the European Register. You can track the authorship reference info
there & in Hartman's catalogue & bibliography pair. Let me know if you
find any errors in the WoRMS entries to fix.

I'm sure there are people who can fill in the local background literature
better than I can, but contact me offlist if you need more help.

A good source might be:
Westheide, W. 1990:  Polychaetes: Interstitial Families.  Synopsis of the
British Fauna New Series 44: 1-152.

Of which I think there's an updated edition. Authors publishing on
Protodrilus taxonomy include von Nordheim, and C. Jouin.


On Tue, September 7, 2010 3:47 am, Barbara Mikac wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> I would need the information on the records of the representatives of
> the family Protodrilidae in the Adriatic Sea.
> In the preliminary, never published, list of the Adriatic sea
> polychaetes compiled by dr. Elvis Zahtila in 1999 I found listed also
> Protodrilus flavocapitatus and P. purpureus. However, there are no
> references listed from which those species are coming, neither their
> position in the Adriatic Sea (north, central or south).
> Does anybody know something about the Protodrilidae family in the
> Adriatic? I would appreciate to know the position of the findings as
> well as the literature.
> Many thanks,
> Barbara
> _________
> Barbara Mikac, PhD
> Center for Marine Research
> Rudjer Boskovic Institute
> G. Paliaga 5
> 52210 Rovinj
> Croatia

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