[Annelida] A species of Autolytus?

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Dear Eduardo,

Looking at the pictures, what you have seen looks like a Polybostrichus 
form, which corresponds to the male stolon of a species of Autolytine.


Al 02/09/12 00:01, En/na Eduardo Zattara ha escrit:
> Dear annelidians,
> I am trying to give a name to a polychaete specimen I collected and 
> photographed at a sand/mud flat near Woods Hole, MA. I have attached 
> two pictures, one taken while the animal was alive, and the other 
> after fixation, immunostaining and mounting. Since my experience is 
> mostly on rather unadorned oligochaetes, my ability to key this 
> specimen is somewhat limited, but I reckon it is likely to be a syllid 
> from the genus /Autolytus/. Smith's key to marine invertebrates of the 
> Woods Hole region points to Pettibone 1963, and there only six species 
> listed there: /A. emertoni, A. prismaticus, A. fasciatus, A. cornutus, 
> A. prolifer /and /A. alexandri. /But given that these worms can be 
> found as the stem morph or a sexual stolon, things got a few confusing 
> and I thought of asking rather than coming to the wrong identification 
> by myself. I would appreciate any opinions on the identity of this guy 
> (or gal).
> Thanks!
>    -Ed-
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