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Probably Proceraea make stolon, but may also be à Procerastea stolon. The pictures are from ventral side, so it is not possible to see the colour pattern, otherwise Proceraea fasciata is very distinctive. I may send you my revision and my phd-thesis tomorrow, these may help you

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Dear Eduardo,

Looking at the pictures, what you have seen looks like a Polybostrichus form, which corresponds to the male stolon of a species of Autolytine.


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Dear annelidians,

I am trying to give a name to a polychaete specimen I collected and photographed at a sand/mud flat near Woods Hole, MA. I have attached two pictures, one taken while the animal was alive, and the other after fixation, immunostaining and mounting. Since my experience is mostly on rather unadorned oligochaetes, my ability to key this specimen is somewhat limited, but I reckon it is likely to be a syllid from the genus Autolytus. Smith's key to marine invertebrates of the Woods Hole region points to Pettibone 1963, and there only six species listed there: A. emertoni, A. prismaticus, A. fasciatus, A. cornutus, A. prolifer and A. alexandri. But given that these worms can be found as the stem morph or a sexual stolon, things got a few confusing and I thought of asking rather than coming to the wrong identification by myself. I would appreciate any opinions on the identity of this guy (or gal).



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