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Ah, I've found the footnote Mary was referring to.

It seems to indicate the journal up to p.199, which would include ALL of the second part of Grube Annulata Örstediana, was distributed to the respective authors in October 1857.  But does that advance part 2 from Grube, 1858 to Grube 1857?  What do you think?

Look at the bottom of : http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/35799856

I'd love to get into following the Hemipodus / Hemipodia explanation (had some qualms when Markus changed it). Another day perhaps. :)



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Hi Sergio and all,

Yes, Wolff & Petersen (1991) pointed out long ago that Grube generously gave credit to Ørsted and Kröyer. I'm not so sure we need to follow him, since officially only Grube wrote the text (that's what it says at the beginning of each part), and the citation is unaffected, but it's up to individuals how they like to cite the authorities. You like added complexity - go for it I say!

Not sure where you get four parts (comment your first page) from the reference list in Wolff & Petersen (1991:680). Explain please.

Mary Petersen gave a further updated date breakdown in Chaetozone 4 in 1994, in which part 2 was suggested to be published for nomenclature purposes between October 1857 and February 1858 respectively. There was apparently a footnote below the "Indhold" (contents) page of the journal volume suggesting this to her, but the full volume was issued in Feb.  The importance of looking into confirming this would depend on if there are tight priority issues.



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Dear colleagues,

In case you are interested about the many species described from the Caribbean, Central America, Brazil and Chile by Grube (and others) in the series Annulata Öerstediana, you might find useful a note that Danny Eibye-Jacobsen and me have just published trying to solve some confusions.

Please take a look at it in


Best wishes,

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