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Haaren, Ton van <Ton.vanHaaren from grontmij.nl>

Announcement of publication on oligochaetes in The Netherlands and Belgium

Dear reader,

Some of you may know that my co-worker Jan Soors and I are involved in writing a handbook on the oligochaetes of The Netherlands, Belgium (and Germany, to a lesser extent). This book is the first book that deals with all species of aquatic oligochaetes from fresh to strongly brackish inland water bodies in The Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, species that have been observed in Germany are also included.

We were very successful in making photographs of the diagnostic features of almost every species. The manuscript (in English) has been submitted for publication to KNNV uitgeverij, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Size: 19 x 26 cm
print: B/W
English language
Binding: Hard cover
pages: approximately 400

However, the publisher can only justify a publication, when at least 50 copies are purchased in advance.
Given the limited edition, the selling price will be € 195,-.
When ordered before the 8th of October, a discount of € 30,-  can be given and consequently you only pay € 165,- (excluding postage).

You’re of great help, if you would let the publisher know whether you want to order our book in advance and save € 30,-.

If you wish to make use of the offer, please send an e-mail before the 8th of October 2012 to info from knnvuitgeverij.nl. Please let them know the number of books to be ordered and the postage address for sending the books.

If you know more people who may be interested in our handbook, please forward this message to them.

137 species
In our book we treat 137 aquatic species. We have established 98 species in The Netherlands, 97 in Belgium, and 115 in Germany. We mainly deal with the aquatic Microdriles, but the more terrestrial Megadriles are also treated, but in less detail. We do not treat Enchytraeidae.

•       Introduction and classification
•       Paragraphs on marine, expected, non-indigenous, terrestrial and omitted species
•       A checklist with its presence in each country (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany)
•       Chapters on morphology, reproduction, collecting- and storage methods.
•       A key to family level and for each family a key to species. For each species the next matters are extensively discussed: diagnostic features i.e.which feature(s) can be used to recognize this species; ecology: in what kind of water bodies can this species be found in our countries (and abroad); distribution: where geographically can the species be found in our countries and, if applicable, in Europe or world-wide. For one (new) species a distribution map is given.
•       General ecology of oligochaetes and communities: what species can be found in which water body.

Noteworthy is that for every native species, we have come up with a Dutch name. Also we mention some new species for The Netherlands and Belgium, as well as some (probably) new species for science. We must emphasize that our handbook is not a taxonomical work and does not go into detail for each species. We also do not describe new species, but we provide a practical guide to recognize the different taxa present in our area.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With best wishes,

Ton van Haaren
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
mailto:ton.vanhaaren from grontmij.nl

(also on behalf of Jan Soors).


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