[Annelida] Pheretima campestris??? or Amynthas campestris???

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I am working on terrestrial earthworms of *Kolli *hill, Tamil Nadu, India.
I want to study the genera *Pheretima *and *Amynthas *of Megascolecidae
family and I want to check whether the species *Pheretima campestris*renamed as
*Amynthas campestris* or *Amynthas corticis*, so could anybody help me by
sending the following article? "Sims R.W. and E.G. Easton. 1972. On
numerical revision of the earthworm genus *Pheretima *auct.
(Megascolecidae: Oligochaeta) with the recognition of new genera and an
appendix on the earthworms collected the Royal Society North Borneo

Thank you in advance. Have a nice time.

warm regards*

*Ph. D. Researcher on* *Earthworms*
***Post Graduate & Research Department of Zoology
Nehru Memorial College (Autonomous)
Puthanampatti-621 007
Tamil Nadu, India.

Mobile: +91-9578074950*
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