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Pear-shaped egg cocoons of this type are well-known for orbiniids. I
reported these for Leitoscoloplos pugettensis and they are well known in
other orbiniid genera and species as well (Blake 1980; Chapman 1965; Okuda
1946; Schroeder & Hermans 1975; Thorson 1946, etc.). The cocoons I
described for L. pugettensis, were ca. 2 cm long plus the long extension
that anchored it in the sediment. The one you are holding is ca. 4 cm long,
so either a much larger orbiniid, or another kind of polychaete. Similar
cocoons are known for capitellids. I have also recorded a cocoon like this
for the spionid Parascolelepis cf. tridentata in Blake (2006).

Let us know what species you end up calling this.

Jim Blake

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> Dear friends and colleagues,
> Can you help me identify the egg case in the picture below? It looks like
> a polychaete egg case to me. Can anybody confirm this and maybe even
> suggest which family, genus, or even species this may belong to? It was
> found at the Florida Keys.
> Thank you!
> Michael
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