[Annelida] Predatory polychaetes that bore holes in shell?

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I am aware of a reference postulating a possible symbiotic relationship =
between a polychaete (supposedly a polydorid) and a sea urchin:

Wisshak, M., Neumann, C., 2006. A symbiotic association of a boring =
polychaete and an echinoid from the Late Cretaceous of Germany. Acta =
Palaeontol. Pol. 51, 589-597.

As well as another on a posible commensalistic association involving a =

Cameron, B., 1968. Commensalism of new serpulid worm from the Hamilton =
Group (Middle Devonian) of New York. Journal of Paleontology 42, =

I also have on my desk two amphinomids obtained from deep sea =
echinoderms which showed a hole on the skeleton similar to that found in =
some fossil sea urchins. The living ones were collected by =
paleontologist trying to assess the structures observed in fossils by =
comparing them with living relatives. Unfortunately, they did not expect =
to find worms inside and so preserved the sea-urchins (and the worms =
inside) dried. Despite I tried to re-hidrate the worms and did some =
preliminary attempts to identify them, I did not progress with the =
identifications and they are still waiting for some of my time, I =
neither tried with DNA, but this is something I still keep in mind.=20

Fabriciinids (e.g. Caobangia) and sabellids (e.g. Terebrasabella) may =
bore on shells, but they are certainly not predators.=20

So, I am sorry, but I have nothing on shell-boring predatory =



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El 19/05/2015, a les 06:21, Geoff Read <Geoffrey.Read from niwa.co.nz> va =

> Hi there,
> Can anyone suggest polychaetes that would be said to create predation =
holes in shell?
> The topic came up unreferenced in a paper on fossils, but this is =
slightly puzzling to me.
> Any examples? Not dwelling burrows as polydorids create but =
penetration for predation.
> Thanks,
> Geoff Read
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