[Annelida] McIntosh, W.C. (1923) A monograph of the British marine annelids

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Hi Vasily,

I am not absolutely sure it has not been digitised, but it is the last volume of the set and was published after the cut off year for copyright for BHL, so this probably explains why it is not findable.
Google Books says no ebook, at least not to me in New Zealand. BHL doesn't include it in their set, although they have vol 4(1), published the year before.


Maybe someone has privately digitised it?  The pages are very large so this would not be easy to do properly without access to a scanner for large items.

Incidentally there is a nice blog by BHL on the monograph:  http://blog.biodiversitylibrary.org/2015/07/InternationalPolychaeteDay.html
The colour plates are popular images on Twitter from time to time.

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Does anybody know if McIntosh's 1923 Monograph of the British marine
annelids was digitized and available on the Internet?

McIntosh, W.C. (1923) A monograph of the British marine annelids. Polychæta,
Sabellidæ to Serpulidæ. With additions to the British marine Polychaeta
during the publication of the monograph. Ray Society of London, 4 (2),

Thank you,

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