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Alexander Tzetlin via annelida%40net.bio.net (by atzetlin from gmail.com)
Tue Mar 8 10:50:27 EST 2016

Dear Anneliders, small group of people working at the White Sea Biological
Station of Moscow State University -WSBS - Anna Zhadan, Glafira Kolbasova,
Tatiana Neretina and Alexander Tzetlin - need your help in connection of
our ongoing project entitled “Hidden biodiversity of Arctic invertebrate
fauna”. We are going to revise Arctic worm fauna by using molecular
technique. Principal investigator from the WSBS is Dr. Tatiana Neretina.

The problem is that for investigation of species widely distributed through
Arctic and North Atlantic and North Pacific we need a material from
different locations, and even more we need the material fixed  and stored
in special way in pure alcohol (sometimes also in  formaldehyde for
morphological purposes) and perhaps in RNALater and stored in the fridge.  The
most intriguing result we have got now is the very low genetic diversity in
the populations of species living in the Arctic Basin. The data what could
be borrowed in IBOL or Genbank databases mostly limited by CO1 data.
Definitely, we need more genes for analysis.

That’s why we will be most grateful for collecting some material for us. Of
course, we are interested and ready for co-operation. We can also collect
some material in the White Sea if you are interested in it. The easiest way
for transportation of the material could be just to take them to the IPC
12.  Actually, we are interested in a number of species, but the material
even in any of them is important for us.

The most important taxa:

* Travisia, Owenia, Praxillella, Maldane, Cossura, Scoloplos, Terebellides,
Flabelligera, Priapulus *(not polychaete, but anyway)* – *any species.

Thank you in advance, please do not hesitate to contact us before you will
start fixations!

 (azhadan1 from gmail.com , atzetlin from gmail.com)

Anna, Glafira, Tatiana and Alexander

Below we listed all taxa interesting for this study:

*Phyllodoce groenlandica*

*Phyllodoce maculata*

*Phyllodoce mucosa*

*Eteone flava *

*Eteone longa*

*Eulalia viridis*

*Syllis*  - any species

*Autolitus *- any species

*Nereis pelagica*

*Alitta virens*

*Micronephtys minuta*

*Nephtys ciliata*

*Nephtys caeca*

*Nephtys longisetosa*

*Lumbrineris fragilis*

*Lumbrineris *- any species

*Harmothoe imbricata*

*Eunoe nodosa*

*Lepidonotus squamatus*

*Pholoe baltica*

*Brada inhabilis*

*Brada villosa*

*Flabelligera affinis*

*Diplocirrus longicetosus*

*Diplocirrus *- any species

*Pherusa plumosa*

*Marenzelleria arctia*

*Prionospio cirrifera*

*Laonice cirrata*

*Polydora ciliata*

*Dipolydora quadrilobata*

*Pygospio elegans*

*Scolelepis laonicola (=Acetocalalmisas laonicola)*

*Scolelepis *- any species

*Spio armata*

*Spio filicornis*

*Scalibregma inflatum*

*Polyphisia crassa*

*Ophelia limacina*

*Ophelina cylindricaudata*

*Travisia  forbesii*

*Cossura longicirrata*

*Cossura pygodactylata*

*Cossura *- any species

*Sphaerodoropsis minutum*

*Sphaerodorum gracilis*

*Cirratulus cirratus*

*Chaetozone setosa*

*Aphelochaeta marioni*

*Scoloplos acutus*

*Scoloplos armiger*

*Scoloplos*- any species

*Naineris** quadricuspida*

*Naineris* - any species

*Orbinia *- any species

*Phylo *- any species

*Aricidea nolani*

*Paraonides nordica*

*Levinsenia gracilis*

*Maldane sarsi*

*M. arctica*

*Nicomache lumbricalis*

*Axiotella catenata*

*Nicomache minor*

*Notoproctus oculatus*

*Praxilella praetermissia*

*Rhodine gracilior*

*Galathowenia oculata*

*Owenia fusiformis*

*Owenia *- any species

*Ampharete acutifrons*

*Ampharete lindstroemii*

*Ampharete finmarchina*

*Melinna elisabethae*

*Amphitrite cirrata*

*Neoamphitrite figulus*

*Artacama proboscidea*

*Nicolea zostericola*

*Pista maculata*

*Axionice flexuosa*

*Polycirrus medusa*

*Polycirrus – any species*

*Terebellides stroemi*

*Terebellides *- any species

*Euchone analis*

*Branchiomma arctica*

*Chone infundibuliformis*

*Pseudopotamilla reniformis*

*Fabriciola baltica*

*Fabricia sabella*

*Spirorbis rupestris*

*S. spirorbis*

*Circeis armoricana*

*C. spirillum*

*Cistenides hyperborea*

*Lagis koreni*

*Notomastus latericeus*

*Capitella capitata*

*Heteromastus filiformis*

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