[Annelida] RE: Unknown Okeanos tubeworm

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Hi Geoff and all,
I agree that it looks like an ampharetid. This guy seems to have three pairs of branchiae originating right behind prostomium and peristomium. The bright white structure is probably the buccal tentacles. Ampharetids that come to my mind when I think of very thin body and three pairs of filiform tentacles is Eclysippe. But a conclusive ID of the genus is certainly not possible with these pictures. The tube is spectacular!

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Hi all,

Ideas please for what is this tubeworm on the bottom, around 5000 metres deep, 'hadal hole', Phoenix Islands, Kiribati mid Pacific.  Filmed from the Okeanos D2 ROV. I can only come up with guessing some sort of ampharetid.

The tube is very large, about 25 cm long.


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