Arabidopsis growth conditions

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Tue Oct 20 17:36:18 EST 1992

Maarten Chrispeels asked about temperature stress of Arabidopsis.  We (Wu,
et al. 1988 Plant Physiol. 88:731-740) have looked at the induction of 
heat shock proteins in Arabidopsis leaves.  We found that some hsp are
induced at as low as 25 C whereas other hsp were not induced until the
temperature was raised to 31 C.  Labelling of Rubisco and LHC peptides was
not severely retarded until the temperature was raised to 34 C.  At 37 C,
hsp were induced within 30 minutes of heat shock and continued to be 
synthesized for at least 2.5 hr.  At 40 C very little protein protein 
labelling was observed.  We did not conduct any long term temperature
stress studies in this work, but I believe that growth studies at a wide
range of temperatures have been done by other members of Chris Somerville's
lab in conjunction with their studies of the fatty acid mutants.

Tim Caspar

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