temperature stress

Sarah.Gilmour 22676SJG at MSU.EDU
Wed Oct 21 08:04:00 EST 1992

In response to Maarten Chrispeels' question about temperature stress, we
routinely cold acclimate our plants either in a growth chamber set to 5oC or
in a cold room set at 2.5oC under fluorescent lights (the plants are closer to
4o in the latter treatment).  We see a number of new mRNAs and proteins under
both these conditions, although the plants appear to be relatively happy and
will continue to grow and even flower eventually if left long enough.  For a
serious low temperature stress non-acclimated plants will survive -2.5o in the
light and acclimated plants will survive 3 days at -5o under lights.  I don't
know about changes in gene expression at these temperatures.

Sarah Gilmour

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