Kerry Lee Tucker kerrylee at athena.mit.edu
Thu Oct 22 14:06:53 EST 1992

I seem to have trouble in getting my messages posted.  This is the third
attempt, and if you see the previous two I apologize.

 I am interested in  mapping a mutation which requires an unlinked transgene
for visualization of the phenotype, with the transgene in homo- or hemizygous
condition.  To perform RFLP analysis, therefore, I would like one strain with
one ecotype and the mutation, and another strain with a different ecotype.
  I want both strains to have the transgene at the same locus.  Now, how many
backcrosses do I have to look forward to in order to produce congenic strains
which have the transgene and the background of the other, mappin ecotype?
  I assume that it depends upon the number of markers that you want to look at,
but I want a rough idea of how much work this will be.
 Thank you,
  kl tucker
  kerrylee at athena.mit.edu 

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