Hygromycin Vector for transformation of plants

Mr. Xiaoying Lin xlin at umbc.edu
Sat Apr 10 11:09:06 EST 1993

Hi, dear all,

	I would like to know about the transformation of plant with Ti-plamid
carring Hygromycin Resistance gene. There were some postings on this topic last year, but I did not see much reply (maybe the replies went by E-mail). 

	The information I like to know: the source of the vectors, wher and how to get them, and most important, if you have used the vector in transformation of plant (arabidopsis or others), the method and effeciency of the experiment.
	I will appreciate your generousity in sharing the information. You can reply to my E-mail address or post here, I will compile the replies and post to the group.


Xiaoying Lin
xlin at umbc.edu

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