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Wed Apr 14 10:49:15 EST 1993

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  OFFICE MEMO          Metabolism Workshop at Arabidopsis_    Date:4/14/93
Dear Networkers,
Although it is a thriving field that is making increasing use of genetics and
molecular biology, Plant Biochemistry is often under represented at broad topic
molecular biology meetings.  Brian Keith (University of Chicago) and I are
organizing an Arabidopsis Meeting WORKSHOP ON PLANT METABOLISM to be held on
Thursday, 19 August from 1-5 PM (the afternoon of the key note address).  We
propose to run 15 minute talks (including disscussion periods), featuring
presentations by graduate students, post-docs and newly-hatched PIs.  Papers
will be chosen primarily from abstracts submitted to the meeting organizers, so
be sure to indicate that you are willing to give a oral presentation when you
send in your preapplication and abstract.  

It would be very helpful for us to get an idea of how many people are planning
to attend the session, in order to reserve an appropriate sized room.  Please
let me know ASAP if you, or your colleagues who do not subscribe to the
network, plan to attend by E-mail (rob_last at or fax
(607-254-1242).  We will take this tally and multiply by pi (3.1) to come up
with an exact estimate.

We hope to get a good turn-out at this workshop, so that those in the field can
 get to know each other better, learn about our different research interests,
and the experimental approaches being pursued.

Rob Last
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Cornell University
Tower Rd.
Ithaca, NY  14853-1801

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