Arabidopsis phylogenetics

Thu Apr 15 14:41:41 EST 1993

Dear Colleagues:  Along with Jeff Palmer (in whose lab I am finishing
a Postdoc) and Ihsan Al-Shehbaz of the Missouri Botanical Garden (who
is working on morphology and systematics of the genus Arabidopsis), I
am writing a chapter for the upcoming Meyerowitz and Somerville
volume on the systematics and evolutionary position of Arabidopsis.
We have taken 3 approaches in examining the relationships of
Arabidopsis; using restriction site analysis of the chloroplast
genome, sequencing of the chloroplast gene rbcL (which I will be
expanding to include several faster-evolving chloroplast genes as
well), and comparisons of nuclear genome size (work being done in
the laboratory of David Galbreath at the Univ. of Arizona).  We
would like to know of any current work in other laboratories
bearing on the phylogenetic relationships of Arabidopsis (especially
from a molecular standpoint) of which we should be aware.  Also, I
would like to join the network using my new internet address at
the University of Georgia, where I will be starting my own lab
as of 1 May.  My new e-mail address (now active) is price at dogwood.   Sincerely, Robert Price, Indiana University

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