Transposon tagging workshop

Nina Fedoroff fedoroff at MAIL1.CIWEMB.EDU
Fri Apr 16 08:14:25 EST 1993

  REGARDING              Transposon tagging workshop#000#
Dear Netters,

The response to the Transposon Tagging Workshop announcement has been just
great!  It is scheduled from 1-5 on Thursday, 19 August.  What I need now is
the following:

1.  A short summary of what you would like to discuss,

2.  Your name, snail-mail address, telephone and fax,

3.  Names and addresses of at least one other colleague who is or might not be
tuned in to the network, but ought to know about the workshop (I'll see that a
letter gets sent).

I have received some abstracts already from people who want to discuss the
results of analysing insertion mutations.  I think that these are terrific, but
I remind you that this is really a WORKshop in the old-fashioned sense of
working out ways of pooling our efforts and making transposon insertion lines a
common resource for the community. Indeed, I welcome everyone's suggestions for
what it is we need to be discussing (besides what we're going to deposit in the
stock center).  I think that the analysis of new insertion mutations is better
shared with everyone at the meeting and belongs on the main menu.

P.S. Don't forget to send in your application materials to the meeting.

Nina Fedoroff
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Department of Embryology
115 West University Parkway
Baltimore, Md 21212

FAX: 410-243-6311

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