"Free" Journal Issue

Thu Apr 22 14:18:00 EST 1993

To the Arabidopsis Community:

Apparently the offer of a "free sample copy" of
the recent issue of "Seminars in Developmental
Biology" on Plant Developmental Genetics was not
as good as it sounded in the promotional leaflet
from Academic Press.  Karen Field, an editor at
Academic Press, has informed me that she has been
inundanted with a flood of letters requesting a
free sample copy of this issue in response to my
recent email message to this network.  Karen has
asked me to explain that although a limited number
of sample copies of the journal are available, the
publisher cannot guarantee which issue will be sent
upon request.  Specific issues can still be ordered
for $ 38 (US).  I have sent a response to Academic
Press suggesting that their marketing department
should attempt to be more accurate in the future.
I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Regards - David Meinke

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