Differential display of mRNAs

Mon Apr 26 10:48:00 EST 1993

Dear Networkers:

Last year a novel method for identifying genes that are differentially
expressed in different cell types or under altered conditions was 
published ("Differential Display of Eukaryotic mRNA by Means of the 
Polymerase Chain Reaction" by Liang, P. and Pardee A.B. Science 257,
pp.967-971). I read somewhere that a company in the US (Genhunter??)
is offering a kit containing the oligonucleotide primer set required
for the procedure. Does anyone have any more details about this
company - or any other company offering a similar kit? Has anyone
out there tried the method - with or without success?

Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help - if I get any useful
replies I will post them on the Board.

Brian Forde

email: BFORDE at resa.afrc.ac.uk
Fax: (0)582 760981
Tel: (0)582 763928 ext 2238

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