Two-hybrid system

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Tue Apr 27 17:19:35 EST 1993

Dear John,

        I am planning (in progress actually) to use the two-hybrid system to
look at protein-protein interactions of cytoskeletal proteins in Arabidopsis.
Currently I am running a control experiment (doing the transformations today,in
fact) with mouse MAP2 and mouse tubulin to see if the system will work with
cytoskeletal proteins that are known to interact.  I will let you know my
        I would be very interested in sharing activation domain cDNA libraries.
I was planning to make one this summer with my summer student for her project.
However...if there are already libraries available....maybe we will just move onto screening.
        One cloning tip....the yeast vectors do not have very many enzymes to
choose from for cloning.  We followed the suggestion of designing PCR primers
to get sites "of choice" at the ends of our fragments.  I worked great and was
a big time saver.
        Please pass along any other tips/suggestions that you may receive.

Melissa Melan                           mmelan at
Department of Biological Sciences
Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA  02181

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