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Thu Apr 29 05:44:00 EST 1993

Message from:
Dr. Efthimia Mina Tsagris
Ass. Prof. University of Crete
Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
P.O.Box 1527
71110 Heraklion Crete Greece
tel /30/81/210091
fax /30/81/230469
E- mail Address: Tsagris at GRIMBB.BITNET
to the
Arabidopsis network
Dear Netters,

I would like to ask you to add my E-Mail address to your Mailing list.
I have a small independent research group at the IMBB, Crete, and we have
just started to isolate a gene which belongs to an interesting
 ATPase family from
an Arabidopsis cDNA library. Therefore, I am very much interested in receiving
 the messages of your network. Thank you very much for your help,
sincerely, Mina tsagris

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